Undergraduate Research Presentation Application

The written application must include the following:

  1. Applicant Student’s name and email address
  2. Faculty Mentor’s name and email address
  3. Degree program
  4. Project title
  5. In lay language, and in no more than 1200 words, describe the problem or need you addressed and what you did to address it, as well as the approach you used and the obtained results and conclusions.

Students are recommended to use the following outline in their application:

  • Introduction/Background: Describe the problem or need you addressed. Communicate what you did to address this issue. Describe why this issue is important and how your project solved the problem or advanced knowledge to get closer to a resolution.
  • Plan and Approach: Explain your plan and your methodology. If an experimental setup was designed, describe the design. Be as specific as you can about your methods for collecting and analyzing data.
  • Results/Conclusions: Discuss the results of your project and your conclusions. Also indicate if your research project resulted in any publications, conference presentations, or other products.