Research Week.

Tribal Sovereignty in Research and Community Engaged Initiatives

Sponsored by the Office of Tribal Relations

Please join Dr. Zoe Higheagle Strong (Nimiipuu/Nez Perce), Vice Provost for Native American Relations and Tribal Liaison to the President as she dives deeper into WSU’s Executive Policy 41 on Tribal Engagement, Consultation, and Consent by interviewing an honored leader and activist in Tribal Sovereignty Brian Cladoosby (Swinomish).

Brian Cladoosby.
The Honorable Brian Cladoosby (Swinomish)

The Honorable Brian Cladoosby has served Indian Country for over 35 years including 27 as the longest serving Chairman of the Swinomish Tribe. He also served in many key leadership positions such as Secretarial Tribal Advisory Committee for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, President of the Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians, President of the National Congress of American Indians, President of the Association of Washington Tribes, Executive Board Washington Indian Gaming Association, and other regional and national roles.

His work for the advancement and empowerment of Tribes across the country has been based on Tribal Sovereignty and is also the foundation of his vision for the prosperity of future generations. Cladoosby has been instrumental in the domestic and international emergence of the northwest Indian country salmon and seafood industry. Swinomish Fish Company buys and sells seafood products from tribal, national, and international companies, continuing the “buy and sell Native” motto of Indian Country.

 Cladoosby’s work also touched on all aspects of governmental responsibilities with highlights that include working with the federal government to improve Tribal engagement, the authorization of Dental Health Aide Therapists (DHATS), Economic Development – “Buy Native”, Natural Resources – “Standing with Standing Rock”, and the didgwálič Wellness Center.

Cladoosby’s national and regional work affects Tribes across Indian Country and his work on behalf of Swinomish stands as examples for all of Indian Country.

Please read WSU Executive Policy 41 prior to your attendance.

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11:00 am – Noon, Thursday, October 19, 2023, WSU Everett Campus Lecture Hall and via Zoom.

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  • Zoe Higheagle Strong, Vice Provost for Native American Relations and Tribal Liaison to the President


  • Brian Cladoosby, Swinomish Leader and Activist