Flash Talks: Various Topics

Come and be inspired by the exciting research being conducted by WSU researchers and learn about the impact this research is having across the world. This session of Flash Talks will cover a breadth of topics ranging from biofilms; autonomous microrobotics; optimizing the health benefits of grains and their impact on the gut microbiome;  impacts of COVID in the workplace; challenges posed by decreasing agricultural land, increasing crop stressors, and climate change, and how sensing technologies can help promote sustainable crops for the future; etc.


Wednesday, October 13, 2021 at 3pm


Flash Talk Presenters:

Chris Keane
John Roll
Sindhuja Sankaran
Franck Carbonero
Maren Friesen
Shikha Prashad
Haluk Beyenal
Jim Brozik
Nestor Perez-Arancibia
Tahira Probst
Michael Goldsby