Team Planning Grant

Interdisciplinary/Multi-disciplinary Teams

As funding agencies increasingly emphasize large multi-disciplinary programs to address global challenges, WSU seeks to identify new and existing centers that will focus on creative solutions. To support this initiative, the Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships (ORAP) invites multi-disciplinary faculty teams to submit planning grant applications.


The teams will compete for $50,000 plus a doctorial level research assistantship for the development their preliminary idea into an extramural center-type grant proposal. The research assistantship, provided by the Graduate School, will be for two semesters in support of this effort.


Join us and help make the decision on who should be selected.

Tuesday, October 22nd
10:00am – 12:00pm

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The competition will be a two-step process with a written application and a public presentation. Applications should focus on a major research question and the interdisciplinary/multi-disciplinary team convened around it. The goal of the planning grant is to enable the preparation of a competitive proposal for a major ($3M+) multidisciplinary center-type grant through team development and preliminary research. The target agency for this grant may be federal or non-federal.


WSU faculty in any discipline may serve as principal investigator or team member.



Written Application DueOctober 1, 2019, 5:00pm
Research Week PresentationsOctober 22, 2019, 10:00am
Awards AnnouncedOctober 24, 2019, 3:00pm


Award Details
A total of $50,000 plus one research assistant for two semesters will be awarded to a single team. Overhead or facilities/administrative costs do not apply. Proposal budgets will need to include personnel benefit costs if faculty or staff salary is included.


Application and Presentation Guidelines
Written application due date is October 1, 2019 at 5pm.
An interdisciplinary evaluation panel will review the written applications.

The application must include the following. All character counts include spaces:

  • Research Topic/Problem (8,000 max characters) – Define the major research focus or problem to be addressed by the team. Describe the significance or impact of the problem, and how it aligns with the targeted funding program.
  • Team and Management Plan (4,000 max characters) -Describe the proposed team, disciplinary expertise represented, and any previous collaborations (if applicable). Include a brief management plan.
  • Research Plan (10,000 max characters) – Describe the research plan or approach and the team’s integration of expertise into research activities. Include innovation(s) that will heighten proposal competitiveness and any preliminary research that must occur before proposal submission.
  • Funding Program (2,000 max characters) – Describe in detail the large, multidisciplinary major funding vehicle to which the team will submit its proposal. Describe the program’s fit for the team.
  • Budget – Indicate the budget items required to complete this planning grant and provide a brief description of how each item will support the project.
  • Biographical Sketches – Provide a 2 page biographical sketch for each key person listed above. Use the template provided.


Public Presentation
During Research Week 2019, the lead PI will be required to deliver a 10 minute presentation of the team’s concept to a public audience and the evaluation panel. A short question and answer period will follow each presentation. All team members are encouraged to attend to help field these questions. With input from the audience, the evaluators will use both the written application and the presentation to select the most promising and compelling project to receive the planning grant.
The winning team will be announced during the Research Week reception and awards ceremony on October 24.


Application Evaluation Criteria

Research Topic/Problem.20
Team and Management Plan.30
Research Plan.30
Future Funding Program .20


Award Terms and Conditions

  • Any unencumbered funds remaining after the grant’s approved period of performance are to be returned to the Office of Research.
  • If the planning activities include human subjects, animals, and/or biosafety activities, the protocol letter of approval must be submitted to before funds can be released.


Deliverables and Outcomes
The selected project team will work with the Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships (ORAP) in developing their external grant proposal.


Frequently Asked Questions
Please submit any questions to using “Team Planning Grant Competition” in the subject line, or call Emily Brashear at (509) 335-7266.

  • Should the Research Assistantship be accounted for in the budget? Yes, please include the cost of the research assistantship in your budget. If the cost of your RA is greater than Step 48, describe how the additional cost will be covered.