Humanity and the Environment Flashtalks

Office of Research and the Center for Environmental Research, Education and Outreach (CEREO) organized this session on the broad theme Humanity and the Environment to share experiences and expertise to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration and project development. This session welcomes input from experienced investigators as well as from new investigators. Special focus will be given to topics such as coupled human and natural systems (aligned with the NSF-CNH program), critical zone observatories (CZOs), and sustainable agricultural systems.


Tuesday, October 22nd
3:00pm – 5:00pm

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The Humanity and the Environment program is as follows:

Introduction by Jan Boll
Key note speaker: Jenny Adam
CZOs: Kevan Moffett
CNH: Julie Padowski
Humans and Aquatic Environments: Erica Crespi

10 min. Break

Landscape Architecture: Jolie Kaytes
Cultural Landscapes: Phil Gruen
Language: Debbie Lee
Philosophy and the Environment: Samantha Noll, Michael Goldsby, & Patricia Glazebrook

30 min. Open discussion