RA and $10K Competition Application

The written application must include the following. All character counts include spaces:

  • Research Question/Project Overview (5000 character max) – Define the major research question to be addressed by the project.
  • Significance (3000 character max) – Describe the project’s impact on the discipline and/or to the public.
  • Innovation (3000 character max) – Identify the new methods, approaches, or other inventive elements of the research project. Describe how the project is unique within the field.
  • Plan of Execution (3000 character max) – Describe the approach, tasks, general timeline, and expected outcomes for the project. Include any special facilities, equipment, or other resources that will be used for the project.
  • RA Involvement (2000 character max) – Describe the unique training and research opportunities provided to the RA associated with the proposed project.

Include a two-page biographical sketch or CV for the PI(s).